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  • I got into mushroomhead right about the time when XX came out. I loved that album and couldnt stop listening to songs like “the wrist” and “solitare unreavelling” and “born of desire” Mushroomhead came out with XIII and most every song is exacly like that. I couldnt stop listening to “eternal” if i tried. Well this cd is so heavy and sweet im going to write sum stuff on every song… 1. Kill Tommorow – 10/10 Great open heavy and melodic 2. Sun doesn’t rise – 11/10popular single great song (love the guitar (stuff) at the end 3. Mother Machine Gun – 11/10 Wow do i love this song.. explosive stuff.. my opinion one o the best on the cd .love the lyrics also “it’s time to take a stand and defend your innocence. you cant slip thru the system exploiting interragance” kick ass song 4. No Where To GO – 10/10 not really into the slow stuff of music.. but mushroomhead does sumtin with this song tha makes me love it (same wit # 6) love jefrey voice in this one 5. Becoming Cold (216) – 10/10 heavy heavy stuff .. luv the lyrics luv the screamin/singin great song 6. One More Day – 10/10 sweet song.. again a slow slong for mushroomhead.. but the way they present it is jus great. back up vocals cool also sad song ends really softly 7. The Dream is Over – 11/10 HOLY GOD ! BANG mushroomhead bites ur (*) head off with a blast of energy that doesnt stop till the end. Heavy nuttin but screamin song love it 2nd best on album 8. The War Inside – 10/10 sweet song fast paced .. great screamin towards the end love the whisperin at the beggining 9. Almost Gone – 8/10 while i dislike this song allot because it is more of a strait out “rock n roll” sound in the middle of 2 kick () metal songs, i still find it to be an OK song. just one weak song on this album. actually the only 10. Eternal – Wow this i think is my fav. song .. great heavyness combined with melody and great minor guitar stuff. “Its definetly the heaviest song ever” right u are 11. Our own Way – 10/10 kind o slow/soft until “ARISE” “ARISE” “ARISE” good good song 12. Destroy The World ARound mE – 10/10 nice gutair .. not hard not soft . jus mushroomhead 13. Thirteen 10/10 omg happy rock? this reminds me of the day when i liked it… and wow do i love this (dunno y) coo lyrics different for mushroomhead GREAT CD SHROOM KICKS IT LIKE NO OTHER CHECK THEM LIVE BEST BAND LIVE SWEET STUFF buy this cd u b happy

    Posted on February 26, 2010