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  • Yep, Mushroomhead is back, and they are in top form. Just when you thought they couldn’t outdo their last album, “XIII” proves to be their finest effort as of now. This metal-industrial band is extremely successful at putting out hard-hitting songs, as well as very melodic and haunting tunes.What’s so great about these guys is that they do their absolute best to mix it up with every song; meaning that they make sure that every song has a look and feel of its own. I don’t think I even came across one single song that sounded the same the others. They have heavy and intense songs; they have very melodic and soothing songs. There’s some great yelling and screaming; there’s some outstanding and hypnotic singing. Each song sounds fresh and unique without a single song sounding repetitive.I really enjoy every track on this album, but my favorite songs are “kill tomorrow,” “nowhere to go,” “sun doesn’t rise,” “mother machine gun,” “one more day,” “the war inside,” “almost gone,” and “our own way.” All in all, I think every song is fantastic. This is one of those rare albums where you don’t have to worry too much about skipping track after track to listen to the “good ones.”Mushroomhead’s “XIII” is an outstanding album that really stands out as one of the best to come out of 2003. It’s dark, hard-hitting, intense, melodic and haunting. If you are a fan of their last album, chances are you will love this new one. For a great metal-industrial sound that has a fresh look and feel, Mushroomhead is the group for you.

    Posted on February 26, 2010