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  • King’s X fans rejoice…another gem here with XV. This is an album you can sink your teeth into. 14 tracks of the music that only King’s X can create! They have their own style and a large fan base that supports them because they are damn good at what they do…ROCK! I am loving this album, and here is my take on it track by track. I put a star by the songs I think are the best.

    *1. Pray For Me – growling bass line that opens up to a rocking tune that challenges the faithfully religious to pray for the writer of the song (dUg). dUg sings the main verses and chorus with Jerry and Ty filling the background vocals. In this day and age…sometimes I agree with the sentiment of this song. Some people are so eager to say they have all of the answers when it comes to religion, but I always question things and feel like I don’t have the answers. You can pray for me too!

    2. Blue – a slower melodic tune that has a great chorus sung by dUg. The message equates being stagnant to being crazy. Things in change makes you crazy but it’s just normal. The lyrics on this album are really challenging to me, and I love that.

    3. Repeating Myself – nice intro by Ty on a cascading guitar riff and then main vocals throughout the song. This song is a melodic slow tempo song that talks about the monotonous things that happen each day. Ty has some really nice guitar fills and textures throughout the song.

    *4. Rocket Ship – this is a fun rocking tune that dUg sings for the sheer joy of things and he asks you to join him on his new found sense of imagination to deal with today’s tough world. This is a great song to have on in the car.

    *5. Julie – song sung by Jerry about the love of his life. Acoustic guitar throughout and nice melodic electric guitar and bass compliment Jerry’s very Beatlesque voice. Not many drummers out there can fill his musical shoes of drumming, singing, guitar playing abilities and songwriting.

    6. Alright – straight ahead rocker with fast tempo. dUg sings this song talking about the worries and joys of growing older with those you love.

    7. Free – dUg sings this song criticizing most people for foolishly dealing with money, credit cards, etc. Not a bad song musically, but the lyrics are not my favorite. The song has a great bass line.

    8. I Just Want to Live – another song in Ty’s repertoire with a slow tempo rock song with a clean vocal in that stereotypical Beatlesque style King’s X is known for having. This is very enjoyable melodic song with a simple strumming guitar part. Ty sings about getting in touch with his feelings.

    *9. Move – rhythmic and driving bass and drum intro. Ty swells in some guitar, and then dUg comes in with his soulful voice and Ty ups the guitar part and slams you into a great chorus of grinding guitar riff, dUg’s voice in echoing effects, thumping bass and solid drumming.

    10. I Don’t Know – another melodic song from Ty apologizing for his indecision. Similar melodic style from Ty we have heard before. Good song…Ty is a very good song writer and often overlooked for his abilities in this area.

    *11. Stuck – one of the more heavy tunes on the record. dUg delivers the vocals during a slower verse, but then build to a harmonic chorus discussing how love can get you stuck in strange places.

    *12. Go Tell Somebody – the crown jewel of the album…nearly the title of the album. A different sound for King’s X, but a great tune. The guitar part is fast and driving flurry of fretwork, and the vocals are simple but suit the song very well…harmony throughout the chorus. If you like it, then you know what to do.

    *13. Love and Rockets (Hell’s screaming) – the first of two bonus tracks on the album. This one dark and grinding is a fun song to listen to as it is one more heavy than the album has to offer. I like King’s X metal side and it shines brightly here in a song talking about hating people because they are different.

    *14. No Lie – almost a jam on a blues riff that turns into a fun romp through the blend of music style that only King’s X can deliver…growling bass, melodic and harmonic vocal parts, gritty guitar parts that mix blues, rock and metal…all over a strong and solid rhythm of drums. Guitar solos will make Ty’s fans happy and some parts sound a little like Brian May.

    Posted on January 18, 2010