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  • Let me first explain that everyone who thinks this CD is anything like Slipknot has not listened to this CD, and their review should be ignored. The ONLY similarity to Slipknot is the fact that they wear masks. For those out there that think Slipknot wore masks first, you’re wrong. These guys were around long before Slipknot.In any case, the CD is indeed really good. Every member of this band plays a prominent part in the song writing process (unlike Slipknot), and it shows in the music. The keyboardist and sampler for this band can actually be heard over the guitars on much of the album, giving this band a much more industrial sound than Slipknot. Another thing one would be quick to notice about this band is the fact that they have two vocalist, and each writes lyrics independently of the other. This makes for some interesting songs, especially the single “Solitaire/Unraveling,” where J Mann appears to be singing about solitude, while Jeffrey Nothing sings about unraveling.The music on this CD, as to be expected from a band this large, is very complex. Double bass drums are all over this record, as well as blistering guitar riffs, and interesting samples that add depth to the music. Piano is used frequently on this album, creating some incredibly beautiful songs, the best of which is “These Filthy Hands.” This is easily the best song on the album. There are also two instrumental tracks on the album “Epiphany” and Episode 29.” While is may seem strange to end an album with instrumental tracks, it works quite well here.Unfortunately, the album does have a downside to it that costs it one star. There are a couple of songs on here that are just too weak to be placed on an album this strong. They basically consist of J Mann growling and screaming the same few lines over again. These two tracks are “Xeroxed” and “Chancre Sore.” It’s understandable to have a few weak tracks, considering this album is a culmination of all three of their previous indie releases, but this band could have made a complete masterpiece. Luckily, it’s just these two tracks that are poor. The rest are quite good.Stand Out Tracks: “Solitaire/Unraveling,” “Before I Die,” “These Filthy Hands,” “The New Cult King”Definitely buy this CD if you’re looking for the next evolution in heavy music.

    Posted on December 27, 2009