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  • This is really about a 4.2, but i can’t 4 stars, its too good. Ayway, about the music. Mushroomhead aren’t another Slipknot,or just another nu-metal band. Mushroomhead are a mix of gothic keyboards, haunting samples, seven-stringed fast guitars, heavy bass, low (and melodic) vocals, and great drumming. You really have to listen to them to get an idea of what they sound like. Now to the band. …bass- Pig is very talented bassist, and I probably word compare him to Ryan of Mudvayne. Very low. Schmotz, keyboards- Schmotz adds a VERY cool element to the ‘Shroom. He is very often used and very talented. I love him to death. JJ Righteous, guitar- JJ is no longer in the band (Bronson is the guitarist now) but I’m puttin’ him cuz he’s on the album. JJ was a great guitarist, fast, heavy, and very good. Skinny, drums- Founding member, and one the greatest drummers alive. He is a huge part of ‘Shroom. Very fast yet very intrique. Bronson, samples- Bronson is now the guitarist, and the new sampler is DJ Stitch is now the sampler but you know the drill. Anyway, Bronson used many turntables and haunting samples on this album. J Mann, vocals- I think this is the guy who sings more melodically and high-pitched. Although sometimes he can get a little annoying, he’s a great singer. His best wrok I think is on “Bwomp”. Nothing, vocals- Great, low-pitched singer. His screams are great on all tracks, and he does a pretty good job of rapping on “Bwomp”. Gravy, guitar- basically, see JJ’s description.Now about the make-up. They go for a more uniform look than Slipknot. But the make up really doesnt matter, though they look pretty cool! Check this out soon.

    Posted on December 27, 2009