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  • …All I can say is that this cd did not disappoint me in any way, because it ROCKS! There is something for everyone on XX. If you like rap, Techno or metal, you’re in for a treat, because it’s all in this album. You will also be surprised to note the presence of a piano. Why be surprised? Faith no more did it already you say? Well unlike faith no more these guys can actually make a piano sound hardcore! I think the piano is most prominent on the track “These Filthy Hands”, where it is used as a backdrop for the heavy bass, guitars and angst filled lyrics: “Don’t catch me If I fall, I may have jumped (you never know), You don’t know me at all!” Are the words, which blend perfectly on the aforementioned track. XX is mushroomhead’s debut cd, but the songs contained within are nothing new to the legions of underground fans that purchased albums at their shows. It’s more of a “Best of” for them…I highly recommend this cd, for a change from the redundancy that is nu-metal. So what are you waiting for?…

    Posted on December 27, 2009