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  • Without a doubt Cleveland’s best band. I’ve been to numerous Shroom concerts and they have so much energy on stage. This CD is a “best of” compilation of their three CDs. For those who aren’t familiar with Mushroomhead they a lot like Slipknot.Mushroomhead has been together for 9 years, and they started the whole costume wearing ordeal on stage, NOT Slipknot. That really dosn’t matter, what does matter is the complete awesomeness of their music. Shroom is able to combine so many aspects of their talents into one amazing sound. What really impresses me the most with their work is the dueling vocals by Johnny Nothing and J-Mann. Nothing’s voice is more harmonious compared to Mann’s all-out rap inspired growling. The other distinctive sound of Shroom is their use of keyboards. In their live show Shmotz(keyboardist) uses 4 keyboards. It really makes the songs seem deeper and more emotional. Best songs on this CD are really all 13, but if I had to choose favorites I’d pick “Never Let it Go”, “Bwomp”, “Before I Die”, and “Solitaire.” I would HIGHLY recommend the purchase of this CD, if not its ok, sooner or later you’ll hear these guys all over the nation.

    Posted on December 27, 2009