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XXV Gathering!

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  • Live albums are always sketchy, and this one is no exception. The guitar is sometimes lost in the mix here, especially on Pandemonium (which is more suited to an openning song rather than the closing). And the tracklisting is not my favorite. Songs I really would’ve like to have on here:

    Exorcism / Savage Freedom / Hollywood Babylon / Sanity / Money Is Not Our God / Inferno / Mathematics of Chaos / Whiteout / Change / Intellect / Millenium / Zennen / You’ll Never Get To Me / Kings & Queens

    If you’re a huge fan, this will do better than some half-assed bootleg with the one drunk dude cheering over the whole thing. Otherwise… start with the proper albums.

    P.S. – the Amazon tracklisting is WRONG (it can be so difficult to actually look at the product).

    1. Communion
    2. Wardance
    3. Song & Dance
    4. Primitive
    5. Total Invasion
    6. Bloodsport
    7. Requiem
    8. Asteroid
    9. The Wait
    10. Pssyche
    11. The Pandys Are Coming
    12. Sun Goes Gown
    13. Are You Receiving?
    14. Love Like Blood
    15. Pandemonium

    Posted on November 25, 2009