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XXV Gathering!

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  • Recorded during a series of performances celebrating the band’s 25th Anniversary in early 2005, “XXV Gathering: Let Us Prey” captures the then-reunited (and quite rejuvenated) Killing Joke in full flight, an almost overbearing entity that crackles with a tangible energy. Some of this is admittedly lost in translation onto media– there’s something about seeing the band that gets lost, particularly in the unusual presence of vocalist Jaz Coleman.

    Still, it proves to be a pretty exciting set– a bit heavy on the band’s debut (5 tracks and a b-side are taken from that album), but still capturing a number of great performances– Coleman introduces “Wardance” (“We have so much work to do tonight– WARDANCE”) that cuts loose under its danceable frenzy, “Asteroid”, goofiest song in the band’s catalog, cuts loose and provides a slice of punky explosion, and the last half dozen pieces, regardless of whether high energy (“Pssyche”), slow grinding (“Pandemonium”) or tribally meditative (“Sun Goes Down”) are all pretty much universally fantastic.

    Coleman does falll a bit flat on a couple of the early pieces (“Song and Dance” and “Primitive” both find the singer a bit thinner than you’d like), and the sound on the recording is muddy, and both of these temper my feelings on the recording, but this is a good performance and well worth investigation.

    Posted on November 25, 2009