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  • Yeah! is what a cover album should be. Not simply songs that were once popular and then redone note for note by a new band. Def Leppard reconstructs to what American ears might be obscure songs. These are songs that were instrumental (pun intended) in forming the band’s taste in music in the 1970’s. Either listeners will buy into the concept that these are song Def Leppard liked and wanted to do or they will complain that they didn’t cover obvious songs or just retread one fo their old albums.

    The end result is a solid album, frankly one of the best they have done for a long while. Perhaps it is because they could “be someone else” rather than the particularly contrived X album which was more of an unintended self-parody.

    Yeah! is a great album for not only Def Leppard fans, but fans of the 1970’s UK rock scene.

    Posted on January 31, 2010