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  • I was originally skeptical about this album. I really did not know what to expect especially after Def Leppard’s last album X. The band seemed to forget they were a rock band. However, after buying this album my skepticism was put to rest. Leppard has not rocked out this hard since Pyromania. They have gone back to their roots, literally, recording an album of some of their favorite songs from the 60’s and 70’s. It also sounds like they tuned their guitars lower like they do when they play live. This gives the album a concert-like feel. You can tell they put a lot of time into recording these songs and they played each one with enthusiasm. This is quite different from X in which they seemed like they were trying too hard to be something they are not.

    The band invited various people to play on YEAH! including family members, Ian Hunter, Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) and others. Here is a run down of the album:

    1. 20th Century Boy: T-Rex
    Great opening song! After listening to this one I could tell immediately this album was going to be good.

    2. Rock On: David Essex
    I love the hard rocking ending they added to this one something the original did not have.

    3. Hanging on the Telephone: made famous by Blondie
    Interesting chose, still a decent song.

    4. Waterloo Sunset: The Kinks
    I remember listening to a clip of this a long time ago, however I don’t remember it being this good.

    5. Hell Raiser: Sweet
    Never knew Motley Crue ripped this song off (Kickstart My Heart). Kind of sad but I still like both songs still. Justin Hawkins helps Leppard out on this one.

    6. 10538 Overture: ELO
    Sounds like nothing Def Leppard has recorded before. Very classical sounding.

    7. Street Life: Roxy Music
    Rocks pretty hard. Puddle of Mud ripped some of the parts of this song off when they made She Hates Me.

    8. Drive-In Saturday: David Bowie
    One of the slower ones on the album. Leppard tried to record it closely to the original.

    9. Little Bit of Love: Free
    An upbeat song.

    10. The Golden Age of Rock `N’ Roll: Mott the Hoople
    My favorite song on the album. The band just lets it rip on this one.

    11. No Matter What: Bad Finger
    The band seems to love this one. It was previously released on Rock of Ages greatest hits. I think its ok but not near the best on this album.

    12. He’s Gonna Step on You Again: John Kongos
    I love the rhythm on this song. Some of Rick Allen’s best drum work ever.

    13. Don’t Believe a Word: Thin Lizzy
    The band recorded this one with a classical rock style.

    14. Stay With Me: Rod Stewart
    Phil Collen sings on this one. He sounds very similar to Rod. It was originally released as a B-Side for X.

    The album art is also very good. It contains pictures of the band dressed as Glam Rockers. They all look like David Bowie. In the booklet Phil and Joe explain why each track was chosen and what each song means to them.

    I highly recommend this album.

    Posted on January 31, 2010