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Year of the Spider

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  • Cold are a band that have been bubbling under the mainstream for the longest time now. They are well-known for their modern-rock radio hits like “No One,” “Bleed/Thirteen” and “Gone Away,” but have yet to reach their true peak. With ‘Year Of The Spider,’ Cold come through, both commercially and creatively. With a sound that is accessible, yet unique, Cold are definitely one of the few modern-rock bands that will be around, long after their biggest hits have been played out. “Stupid Girl,” the first single, co-written by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, is a nice change of pace for the band. Not only is it catchy, but it is one of the few relatively bright spots on the album. Other songs like “Remedy” and “Suffocate” are some nice, heavy additions to Cold’s catalogue, and will no doubt fare well as singles themselves. However, what I have discovered with this CD is that the further you go into it, the more emotional and thoughtful it gets. “Sad Happy” is sort of a revenge song about a fan who was raped by her dad constantly; “Rain Song” is about a close-friend committing suicide. There is also more of a religious theme flowing through this album than in previous releases, mainly evidenced by the track “Cure My Tragedy.” This album is dark, personal, honest, passionate and everything in between. Cold have yet to put out a bad album. Everything they do is 100% quality, and as a longtime fan, I am happy to see they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The limited edition comes with a satisfying DVD, which contains the music video & making of the music video for “Stupid Girl,” several live performances (a few acoustic), interviews with all the band members, making of the album and more. Definitely a worthy purchase for any Cold fan. As for the album itself, everyone will love it. Cold fans, old and new, can all appreciate it. Kudos to Cold for putting out something inspiring and thoughtful, all the while managing to be successful.

    Posted on November 14, 2009