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Years in the Darkness

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  • I hardly ever write reviews but atm this album has a 4.5 star average and that’s just misleading.
    Now I wasn’t expecting much but I was still let down. The majority of the tracks sound devoid of creativity and frighteningly similar to many woefully bad nu-metal bands.
    I found some solace in certain sections where Ray showed he still retains some drumming prowess but it seems pretty clear by now that Christian is incapable of writing interesting riffs. I’ve heard worse singers but Howard certainly didn’t help improve the sub-par songwriting. The bass was ok.
    I really wanted to like this cd but in a way I’m glad these would-be fear factory tracks came out under a different name since after Transgression this would have been at least as much a final nail in the coffin as the botched “reorganization” perhaps is.

    Posted on February 10, 2010