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Years in the Darkness

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  • I would describe this as FF meets Linkin Park. Why? As a previous reviewer states all the clean vocals sound like that dude from LP and every chorus sounds like it belongs on an LP album. BTW, I hate LP so this is not something that I enjoy.

    I read somewhere that half the music for this was supposed to be the next FF album – so right there this makes Arkaea a FF clone only with a bad singer. The other half of the music doesn’t sound that much different. If this had been recorded as Fear Factory with Burton performing the vocals I’d probably rate this as a 3.5 as it really wouldn’t expand the FF sound, but at least I wouldn’t cringe during the vocals.

    Bottom line – if you ever wondered what a project combining FF and LP would sound like, your wish came true.

    Posted on February 10, 2010