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Your Filthy Little Mouth

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  • David Lee Roth gave us quite a head-fake with this album. The title eludes you to think he was going to be rocking and rolling with party anthem tunes like we got from “Eat ‘em and Smile” and “Skyscraper” not to mention some heavy hook-laden favorites on “A lil ain’t enough”.

    Unfortunately for most people, this album was all but chucked and ignored. It took time to soak in, and it also took time for people to realize Dave was not just some Van Halen rehash with his solo work, but was really exploring his musical interests and expanding his musical genre through his early influences of Jazz and Blues, while still throwing in a good rock tune here and there.

    Something else people don’t realize is that the record company YANKED this and “A lil Ain’t enough” from the shelves right BEFORE they went platinum. This was in 1996 after the failed reunion debacle had Dave going “I thought I was in” Hagar going “Well I know I’m out” and Eddie calling both men, who had never met or spoke before, Liars. Renewed interest in the albums helped pump sales close to platinum status until Warner Brothers realized they had a complete war on their hands with this ongoing soap opera. The result? Dave went on to release DLR band in the late 90’s, and Van Halen’s “3″ with Gary Cherone struggled to even make gold. Warner Brothers then told Van Halen that they were out, unless they brought back Hagar or Roth.

    Sorry for the long history lesson, now for the album. “She’s my machine is a GREAT rocker and one of Dave’s best from his solo catalogue. Everybody’s got the Monkey and Big Train are fun tunes as well. Experience is a cool, jazzy song that is easy to listen to. Little luck is a decent tune as well. On “Cheatin Heart Cafe’”, Dave collaberates on this fun roadside western tinged romp with Country singing great Travis Tritt. It’s cool! Land’s Edge is one of my favorites on the entire album also. Overall it’s different but under a different name I think people would have embraced it. It’s the fact people are always expecting 1984 part VII that led many to turn their back on him.

    The true fans never dissed Dave. You’ll notice you hardly EVER hear a bad word out of Dave’s mouth about anyone, despite the constant smack that was thrown his way through the years by the Van Halen brothers and Sammy Hagar. This led me to believe that David Lee Roth is not only a great musical artist and Rock frontman but also a great person. He doesn’t act like he’s 4 years old when he doesn’t get his way.

    If your a Roth fan, or as some call “purist” I think you will enjoy the record. It’s an acquired taste. If your looking for Fair Warning part 9 etc. etc. then aside from a couple of the harder rocking songs, you’ve come to the wrong place.

    David Lee Roth is Fun music!

    1. She’s My Machine
    2. Everybody’s Got the Monkey
    3. Big Train
    4. Experience
    5. Little Luck
    6. Cheatin’ Heart Cafe
    7. Hey, You Never Know
    8. No Big ‘Ting
    9. You’re Breathin’ It
    10. Your Filthy Little Mouth
    11. Land’s Edge
    12. Night Life
    13. Sunburn
    14. You’re Breathin’ It [Urban NYC Mix]

    Posted on January 31, 2010