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Your Filthy Little Mouth

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  • In 1994 David Lee Roth released his fourth solo album, “Your Filthy Little Mouth”. His previous album, “A Little Ain’t Enough” had been a critical and commercial disappointment. Sensing that it was time for an image change, Dave put out a more mature album. The result is a very creative, interesting collection of songs. Nile Rogers did a superb job producing the album. This is one of the most artistic and diverse albums that I have ever heard. All of the songs are catchy with good hooks. There are several different styles of music on this disc. There is Van Halenish, with “She’s My Machine,” “Big Train,” and “Your Beathin’ it.” There is a lot of blues here with “Experience,” “Land’s Edge,” “Sunburn” and “Nightlife.” There is a rap/regge song with “No big Ting,” and a country song with “Cheatin’ Heart Cafe.” There are midtempo rockers here with “Everybody’s got the Monkey” and “Hey, You Never Know.” “A little luck” is a Vegas style lounge number. Dave’s band is also great. The guitar player, Terry Kilgore, may not be as technically good or flashy as Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, or Jason Becker, but that’s OK; because Kilgore’s straight-ahead, no-frills blues playing suits the album like a glove. Lyrically, this is Dave’s best work. The lyrics are clever, ironic and reflective. The booklet is excellent to, with a lot of cool photos, drawing, and lyrics. When this album came out in 1994, it flopped and received mediocre to awful reviews. That is really a shame, because, as one of the other reviewers has pointed out, this album is ART! If your a fan of Dave, listen to this with an open mind, and without any preconceived notions of what to expect. If you are expecting to hear “Women and Children First” or “1984,” you are going to be in for a major disappointment. If you are open minded, than you will hopefully like this CD.

    Posted on January 31, 2010