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Your World on Fire

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  • While In Fear And Faith are really bringing nothing new to the table here with Your World On Fire, they do, do what they do pretty well. Better than the mojority of their peers infact. They don’t really do anything flashy, or all that exciting, but when you are driving along in your car alone at night this seems to be the perfect thing to listen to.

    As a band as a whole In Fear And Faith have stepped it up a great amount since their debut ep. Though not in terms of creativity or originality. In fact i’m not really sure what they did to change the formula but they sure did something and it worked.

    The only problem is the album has to be listened to as a whole because I for the life of me couldn’t tell you a single thing about this that stands out to me. It’s all very simular.

    All in all it is an enjoyable listen if not very dry.

    Posted on December 3, 2009