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  • Some people viewed the departure of Megadeth’s roots in Speed/Thrash Metal as a sign of selling out much in the same way they viewed Metallica’s rise to success. Megadeth invented Thrash along with Anthrax, Metallica & Slayer and they abandoned it! We should get the rope, right? No. Just like Metallica, Megadeth started to finally grow up. Do you want to sit around and listen to a bunch of fifty year-old millionaires bitching about the establishment and the failures of society and blah-de-blah? Do you? You can if you want, but youthful anger is hard to maintain, especially when you are moderately to staggeringly rich. Sorry to tell you this, but all bands, and I say ALL bands, are in the music business to sell albums. That’s where the money is. Chicks? Maybe. Creative fusion. Certainly. Megadeth is no different. Mustaine is no longer shooting heroin and going on drinking binges, he’s married with children. People change. So do their musical tastes. Is Youthanasia un-metal. F*ck no! It still rocks as hard as anything out here.

    “Reckoning Day” Metal, brutal, kick-you-in-the-teeth. A great hate-my-old-girlfriend/ex-wife song. A classic. “Train Of Consequences” another certified rocker. Great lyrics and great riffs. “Addicted To Chaos” a slower, more moody outing. Still very kewel. Lyrically deep. Megadeth has grown up indeed. “A Tout Le Monde” one of Mustaine’s greatest songs. There’s feeling in there, as opposed to just shredding your face off with a non-sensical diatribe to anger and misery. Greatness! “Elysian Fields” on of my all-time favorites. This is a great f*cking song! What a hook. Great lyrics. Solid. “The Killing Road” where Motley Crue and Bon Jovi were writing songs about the road in the cowboy/rebel Bob Seger sense, Megadeth comes out with the truth about being on the road. Kewel. “Blood Of Heroes” another favorite of mine. There is something very catchy about this tune. A straight-forward riff and cool lyrics, I don’t know why, but I love it! “Family Tree” a great song about abuse. Thinking man’s metal. The bang-you-head-against-the-stage metal is dead and buried. This is where it is now. Grow up and deal with reality. “Youthanasia” a great underrated song. Talk about poignant. The generation left behind. “I Thought I Knew It All” a little slower than the rest, a testament to realizing that we aren’t perfect. “Black Curtains” Mustaine jumps back a few albums back to Peace Sells with this straight-out rocker. Dark and empty and filled with angst. “Victory” Take Megadeth’s career so far and put it all together into one song and you have “Victory.” Mustaine praises the fact that his is still alive after battling booze and drugs.

    Overall, Youthanasia is melodic and menacing and stilll manages to rock better than most albums ever could. If you think that Megadeth sold out then you need to turn around and look at yourself. No one likes a forty year-old rocker walking around with long hair and an overhanging beer-gut wearing faded old Peace Sells shirts and trying to hold onto his past as his future slips away. If you dig that, well…to each his own. The word ‘loser’ is spelled with one ‘o’ just in case you needed to know. I’m not saying to forget the past, there are a bunch of great metal albums that I will always love, but definition of attitude needs to be a current thing. The world is ever changing. Embrace it or get left behind. Megadeth f*cking rules! No question about that! Youthanasia rocks!

    Dig it!

    Posted on December 30, 2009