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Zen X Four + Bonus dvd

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  • When I first saw this Zen x 4 disc and the Greatest hits disc out on the shelves I just wrote them off as jokes. I already own all the albums plus the 1994//1999 import DVD so why would I bother needing the same stuff re-released in new packaging? After I looked at the greatest hits package I felt the same way, the bonus disc is just the audio from the much superior 1994//1999 DVD included concert. No big win for fans who already own both. Like I sais, just the same old stuff in new packaging. However, when I looked at the Zen x 4 collection I was happily surprised to find the complete radio recordings of the band which have never been released together in a single package. I have some of the songs from internet bootlegs but the quality on the disc is FAR better. The tracks are all standout rare recordings, from very intimate U.S. sets. The DVD has the video for “Cold Contagious” which was not included on the 1994//1999 DVD (although the 1994//1999 DVD has the Alleys and Motorways special feature not included on the Zen x 4 set), other than that the two are identical, both containing the same special features. This release is not a huge bang for the fan who already has the previous CD’s and DVD’s but the rare recordings and bonus video are both excellent and worth owning.

    Posted on January 21, 2010