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Zen X Four + Bonus dvd

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  • I’ll admit right off the bat that I hesitated purchasing this album to due to lack of audio tracks presented here. It’s their really good early stuff but can I get more than 9 tracks? It’s always great to hear new or re-recorded versions of old favorite, but it’s still not enough. With that said, the recordings sound good.

    The DVD is almost worth the price itself. All the great videos including the rarely-seen and my personal favorite, “Letting the Cables Sleep”. It was cool to see all the older videos that MTV hasn’t shown since they were big.

    My only complaint is that the DVD audio mix isn’t in sorround, only advanced stereo. Oh well.

    Bottom line: I can’t reccomend this to anyone but diehard Bush fans. I think anyone other than that wouldn’t get a good look at how great this band was.

    Posted on January 22, 2010