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  • After some label problems Kidneytheives return with their second effort, Zerospace. Who? Kidney-who? Yeah, their debut, Trickster, never really hit big in the mainstream. This isn’t a huge shock, though, female fronted electronic metal bands arn’t on TRL very often. But Trickster did earn the band somewhat of a following(mainly stray Orgy and NIN fans) and fans will still love this record. Kineythieves maintain their KMFDM meets Poe sound. Free’s vocals follow the music closly and she seems more comfortable with exporing vocaly on this one. There are a few cliches that surround Kidneythieves but, you cannot deny the music is really good stuff, nothing groundbreaking, but a nice solid record. Basically if you liked them before, nothing changed, and if you are new, if you like NIN and stuff like that you’ll like this. Oh, And the title track is riducuously catchy.

    Posted on January 26, 2010