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  • It would be easy, and fall way short, to describe Kidneythieves as either a lighter Nine Inch Nails or a darker Garbage. Although the industrial sound recalls the best of NIN and the great female vocals bring to mind Garbage, Free Dominguez and Bruce Sommers have put together a more creative and palatable CD with Zerospace than either of those great bands ever managed.The track from the movie Queen of the Damned, “Before I’m Dead,” probably lured most people to buy Zerospace. The surprise probably came when the rest of the CD proved much better. From the funk of “Glitter Girl” to the cover of the country classic “Crazy,” Zerospace has a depth and dark beauty that Trent Reznor never managed. While NIN could get hopelessly repetitive at times, and Garbage can be stale, Domingeuz’ vocals and the diversity of Sommers’ material keep this CD from degenerating into uninteresting noise.Kidneythieves now are, artistically, where Radiohead was with the release of The Bends. Hopefully, Free and Bruce won’t make an OK Computer next and lose most of their audience with the arthouse follow-ups. While Nine Inch Nails, Garbage and Radiohead obviously inspired much of the material on Zerospace, these bands’shortcomings are nowhere to be found here.This band will not be a backbencher much longer even with the recent explosion of great rock groups.

    Posted on January 26, 2010