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  • I discovered the Kidney Thieves quite by accident. I also spend a great deal of time searching for bands with female leads that are unique, edgy and interesting and frankly those are the best words in describing the music of the Kidney Thieves. Every tune on this album is great with one exception for me and that is the cover “Crazy”…although I’m sure this is just a personal preference since most folks I talk to find it very creative.It is nice to run across such an edgy though expressive piece of work from a band with a female lead vocalist. Free stands on her own against all other alternative/industrial vocalist and the band mixes the two styles together so well that this album will please fans on either side. Most industrial music has too many sequenced drums and not enough guitar. Zerospace combines the industrial feel with acoustics drums and screaming guitars to produce a hard driving edgy feel that does not distract from the typically ethereal dance of most industrial bands the tend to put you in a coma. Bands like Collide, Lacuna Coil and Hungry Lucy are all very creative however after two or three listens, the material becomes monotonous. Five minute tunes with moody vocals is not as mysterious as these groups must think because after a while it just becomes incredibly boring background music and the CD gets shelved with the rest of my “OH WELL” collection. Kidney Thieves is a band that can truly take industrial music to a place all it’s own with out losing an ounce of integrity. This album has influences many of my friends who HATE industrial music into the most ardent Alternative fans and I’m hoping more groups like Lennon and Tapping the vein get their cue from the Kidney Thieves.

    Posted on January 26, 2010