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Japanese pressing includes one bonus track. JVC. 2009.
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  1. Kaede says:

    This review is from: Skyforger (Audio CD) “From the mystic dreaming of the night ..”
      I like the song a lot of silver bride when I first played. But when I listen to Sky Is Mine Amorphis's Myspace streaming, I felt Tomi's mystical voice comes as a mystical dream of Silent Night!
      te Mystic mystical musical expression with Sky Is Mine is probably the best song of the album with the best vocal work of Tomi Joutsen.
      Provisional hears confirmed that the band tried their hand on a prog-oriented album, but also revealed that they pulled him out. It seemed that they had learned from their mistakes of the past and had maintained the strong melodies, death growls and stylish keyboard accompaniment of the past, but these elements have integrated into prog-rock structures urged that the clean vocals and choirs in the foreground. This mix of strong melodies and catchy guitar ensembles to an album that is immediately appealing and pleasant. Based on these results, no matter that the death had been banished growls mainly a support role or heavier sections, to name a few.
      I have for this album for a long, very long time. Since Eclipse, I tend to wait for each new Amorphis album.
      the third album by singer Tomi Joutsen (who our own Metal George the “savior” status), Skyforger claimed stringy, soft, that the tide Eclipse ushered in. There is no real aggression here, with the exception of direct Knock-off of Opeth's “The Grand conjuration,” “Majestic Beast”, which is a clunker. But in most cases, Skyforger Joutsen he rides, majestic voice, and the ESA Halopainen the lead guitar lines.
      Some graceful moments pop up during the chorus of “Sky Is Mine” and the opening of the fields “From the sky of my Heart”, which have a nice feel to them Tuonela. Probably the same goes for “My Sun” which is not much of an impression. “Highest Star” and “Course of Fate” They remind us of the glorious time of Eclipse, which include the withdrawal of the moments on the album.
      this album is much more melodic than their album, and everyone else Tomi has shown a lot of melodic vocals and, of course, mystical works from him. Not to mention the ESA and Tomi Jan drums and guitar work.
      Skyforger is only a piece of best-Ness. The large in many ways, proving yet Amorphis these great albums for a long time!

  2. Caitir says:

    I hear skyforge with a cup of Joe. Amorphis new album draws you in, calls you, and you sit back and hear the majestic beauty of this metal. Quite all I can say about this gem. Beautiful and moving. Thank you for Amorphis.

  3. Walidah says:

    First, words alone can not do this CD justice. You have to view this CD to be able to understand the size. I first heard this CD like a month ago, when they are streaming out of the myspace, and I was floored. This is an amazing CD in my opinion perfectly. Last year the CD was standout for me, Scar Symmetry's “Holographic Universe”. This year, it is an animal and Amorphis CD Skyforger. I hear everything from death metal to progressive thrash, etc. .. Skyforger in my humble opinion, is the CD of 2009 and everything else after this CD is only for the control of the 2nd Best CD of the year, it's just so good and it's only June, and technical drafting this, it is now July.
      I have most of Amorphis CD's with the former singer and now with this man, and I personally present the new type. His clean vocals are amazing and so relaxing, but in contrast to his death VOX are gritty and guttural, and powerful, what I like to … as the old Scar Symmetry vocalist Christian, there are not many, the singer, with the death of VOX VOX and clean and have them both with incredible strength and passion … most people can be either large a pathetic death and clean vocals, or vice versa, but this singer is amazing, this is a very melodic / progressive death metal CD … Balances it all just perfect. I just made and buy this CD and judge for yourself how great this CD is, you will not regret it …

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