An Article On How To Sing Death Metal Vocals

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10 responses to “An Article On How To Sing Death Metal Vocals”

  1. SixStringedSavior says:

    unless your fucking steven hawking, anyone can learn to scream.

  2. SGAB4 says:

    fuckin waste of my fucking time .

  3. OpiumPhantome says:

    Better fucking go and do some fucking fucking.Anyways,you have a “fucking time”?Interesting! Is it somewhere around lunch time?Do you set an alarm clock,so you won´t forget it´s your “fucking time”?Why do you,by the by,browse videos during your “fucking time”?

  4. nightkitten17 says:


  5. iamadeathgod666 says:

    if you want a real video series about doing death and metal vocals check out mine.Im not a vocal coach, but I actually have something to say.

  6. vidthriller says:

    don’t advertise with videos

  7. domcoccaro says:

    To attract readers.

  8. chaosflamesx says:

    and the point of making a video on youtube of that is….?

  9. somevildude says:

    wow :o that wa… wow

  10. BASBERT says:


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