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1349 - Hellfire

Hellfire [Music: Frost / Tjalve / Seidemann, Lyrics: Frost] My icon is the pentagram The warmth from me Are pleasures of the flesh I fill you with ecstasy My nature is that of excess Let me out of the circle And I will burn you I will burn you! My icon is the cross of Peter I turn the aeons I destroy dead dogmas And create the paradigms Of the new order Of the new order! Of the new order! I sparkle with vitality and force Why, Fools of fear Do you want me to burn inside the dead?


Interview with Ravn of 1349 and Tom G. Warrior of Triptykon

Robert Williams of conducted an interview with Ravn of 1349 and Tom G. Warrior of Triptykon in Austin, Texas. October 2010.

GROSS BURPING CHAMPION! (1.8.13 - Day 1349)

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Was Mary Barra Thrown Under the Bus? - Autoline Daily 1349

John Krafcik Joins TrueCar - Kia to Show Minivan Concept - Subaru Teases New Outback - BMW Drops Its Top with M4 Convertible - Was Mary Barra Thrown Under ...

The Middle East - Black Death 1349

IMG 1349

IMG 1349

IMG 1349

SJ Rc6 1349 with passenger train arriwing to Kil station, Sweden

May 2013.

National Cathedral Bells, 1349 Grandsire Caters 2013-12-31

The Washington Ringing Society (WRS) rang a half-muffled quarter peal of 1349 Grandsire Caters to ring out the old year 2013 for New Year's Eve at the Nation...