Heavy Metal Bands Directory

  • Jackyl
    Jackyl is an American rock and roll band formed in 1990. Jackyl's sound has been described as a combination of hard rock, heavy metal and [...]
  • Kittie
    Kittie is an all-female heavy metal/metalcore band from London, Ontario, Canada. The band rose to success in 1999 when the track Brackish from their debut [...]
  • Budgie
    Budgie is a Welsh rock band founded in Cardiff, Wales, by bassist Burke Shelley in 1967, with Ray Philips (drums) and Tony Bourge (guitar). They [...]
  • Dismember
    See also: Carnage (Swe). Founded 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden, Dismember were among those responsible for death metal’s big break through. The debut album, “Like An [...]
  • Born Of Osiris
    Born of Osiris is the Progressive/Technical Deathcore outfit from Chicago, Illinois. The formation of the band was in 2003, as they released several demos and [...]
  • Korpiklaani
    Korpiklaani ("Forest Clan" in Finnish) is a folk metal band from Lahti, Finland formed in 2003. Korpiklaani is the new name of the band previously [...]
  • Metallica
    Metallica are an American metal band formed in 1981 in Los Angeles when drummer Lars Ulrich posted an advertisement in The Recycler. Metallica’s line-up originally [...]
  • Trivium
    Trivium is a band from Orlando, Florida. Their first album, Ember To Inferno, was released on Lifeforce Records in 2003, while their second album Ascendancy [...]
  • Triumph
    There are several artists called Triumph: 1) A Canadian rock band 2) A Scottish Christian rock band 3) A Brazilian black metal band 4) Italian [...]
  • The Fall of Troy
    The Fall of Troy was a three-piece progressive band from Mukilteo, Washington. Members consisted of Thomas Erak (lead vocals, guitar), Andrew Forsman, (drums), and Frank [...]