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A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle

Passive by A Perfect Circle With Lyrics

IMPORTANT: This song does not belong to me, for it belongs to the group known as A Perfect Circle. Sung by Maynard, this rightfully goes to him furthermore for the big case. Well, I have had multiple people come to my video and not like how it is because "the lyrics are wrong." Since then, I don't really like people who bitch when they don't get something the way they like it; but nonetheless, my attitude has become more appropriate. So for now, I ask you to go make your own video if you don't like mine or how its done.


A Perfect Circle - 2013-03-30 - Lollapalooza Brazil

A Perfect Circle Live at Lollapalooza Brazil Setlist: 1. Annihilation 2. Imagine 3. Weak and Powerless 4. The Hollow 5. People are People 6. 3 Libras (remix)...

A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms (Full Album)

Track Order The Hollow 0:00 Magdalena 2:59 Rose 7:05 Judith 10:31 Orestes 14:39 3 Libras 19:31 Sleeping Beauty 23:06 Thomas 27:17 Renholder 30:53 Thinking Of...

A Perfect Circle - Passive

"Passive" is a song by the alternative rock group A Perfect Circle. The song is a remake of the song "Vacant" by the now-defunct band Tapeworm. "Vacant" was ...

A Perfect Circle - By and Down

Constantine: A Perfect Circle - Passive

Yet another Constantine video to APC's "Passive". I know there are tons videos like that, but I couldn't help it; this song suits the movie and Keanu Reeves'...

A Perfect Circle - By and Down (lyrics)

A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step 432hz (Full Album)

Band: A Perfect Circle Album: Thirteenth Step Frequency: 432hz Year: 2003 "Copyright Disclaimer Under Sectio...

A Perfect Circle - By and Down (Studio Version)

It's finally here! L...

A Perfect Circle - The Outsider (live)

Live performance from A Perfect Circle.