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A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle-By and Down-6/29/11-Portlandia

I recorded the whole concert, but the POS app I used (Camera Plus Pro) lost it ALL. Probably my bad karma for taping it against Maynard's wishes. Still bummed I lost the rest, as it was SO damn good, I want to relive it again and again. Oh well. I didn't recognize this song, but I was told it's called By and Down, so I'll go with that. Setlist: (thanks to TalibanWarlord) Annihilation Imagine Weak and Powerless The Hollow What's Going On People are People The Outsider What's So Funny Bout Peace Love and Understanding When the Levee Breaks The Noose 3 Libras (remix) Gravity Gimme Gimme Gimme Orestes Passive Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums Fiddle and the Drum By and Down Maynard may not be able to hit the high notes anymore, or scream at the top of his lungs for 20 seconds, but he is not god, and as he reminded everyone, he's pushing 50 now. He still has the most exquisitely beautiful voice I've ever heard. It's ALWAYS worth the price of a ticket to hear him sing in person, regardless of which band he's with. No one sounds as good live as Maynard. Also, he's very funny. The rest of the band also sounded amazing, including Jeff. Maynard works with the best drummers, always. Whoever said they wouldn't want to see APC w/out Josh is a loser. I just hope I didn't make them mad by posting this. Security was funny at the Arlene Schnitzer, they are SO polite, they're used to the Oregon Symphony crowd. Before APC came out, they went around asking people to turn off their cellphones because "He doesn't want people recording the show." I wanted to ask "Who's HE?" Sorry, Maynard, I'll take this down if you ask me to. I hope you don't, because I'm really starting to love this song. Billy sounds especially wonderful.


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I do not own this song. Full copyright goes to A Perfect Circle and A Perfect Circle Entertainment. This is the studio recorded version of A Perfect Circle's...

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