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A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle- By and Down (Studio Version)

I do not own this song. Full copyright goes to A Perfect Circle and A Perfect Circle Entertainment. This is the studio recorded version of A Perfect Circle's song titled "By and Down". Lyrics: Moving in and out of the shadows Its no easier mission Holding onto how I picture´╗┐ you Showing only bits and pieces Till the tide betrays you and your empty allocution Searching your eyes for a hint or a trace of humility Searching your eyes for the saint is an act of futility Searching your eyes for a hint or a trace of it searching your eyes for humility searching your eyes for a hint or a trace I'm still searching searching... Showing all the missing pieces Till the light betrays you and your empty allocution Saw the Piper´╗┐ by and down the river Caught his crippled alchemy From pounding waves of adoration Pied Piper float on down the river Bloated carcass crippled me The weight of adoration Moving in and out of the shadows Its no easy mission Holding on to how I picture you.


A Perfect Circle - Thinking of You (lyrics)

Band: A Perfect Circle Song: Thinking of You. I do not own any rights to the music and this video is for entertainment purposes only.

A Perfect Circle - Vacant (Live) HD

A Perfect Circle - Vacant/Passive live @ St. Paul, MN (31.3.2001) [2 Cam Mix]. -Fuck Britney Spears in the ass- Thanks to the tapers. [Tapeworm Project]. htt...

A Perfect Circle - Thinking Of You

Music video by A Perfect Circle performing Thinking Of You.

1. Annihilation

Artist: A Perfect Circle Album: eMOTIVE Track 1: Annihilation. From dehumanization to arms production, For the benefi...

Sleeping Beauty (cover)- A Perfect Circle

This is a CoVeR, it's not may own jam! As if I could write something this beautimus! I felt it was time to do a piano cover to this one. :) Thank you ad enjo...

A Perfect Circle- The Noose (Cover)

I mess up a little in the second verse haha. Lo siento! - A perfect circle, the noose.

A Perfect Circle - Wake The Dead


A Perfect Circle- People Are People

Track seven from the 2004 Album Emotive.

A Perfect Circle - People Are People HD Live in Lollapalooza Santiago Chile 2013

Grabado por Manson Record en Lollapalooza Chile 2013 en el Parque O'Higgins el 07 de Abril del 2013.