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Adolescents Biography


The Adolescents are a punk music group formed in 1980 in Fullerton, California by Steve Soto after leaving Agent Orange in December 1979. The original line-up was led by frontman Tony Cadena, with Steve Soto on bass, Frank Agnew on guitar, John O'Donovan on guitar and Peter Pan on drums. Both O'Donovan and Pan left in June and were replaced by Rikk Agnew and Casey Royer formerly of Social Distortion and The Detours and also singer for the OC punk band, D.I.. The band created fast, energetic music that was at the forefront of the Orange County punk music scene. Later that year, the group released the classic hardcore single "Amoeba" on Posh Boy Records. The Adolescents signed with Frontier Records in January 1981 and recorded The Adolescents the following month. Rikk Agnew left and was replaced by Pat Smear, formerly of The Germs. This line up lasted until the end of June when Smear left. The Adolescents broke up in August 1981. Cadena formed The Abandoned, Soto and Agnew joined Legal Weapon, Royer formed D.I. and Agnew joined Christian Death after his departure. Rikk Agnew made his solo album in 1983 then joined D.I. with Alfie Agnew, Frank and Rikk's younger brother. In 1986 The Adolescents reformed with their original line-up and started to work on a new album. They recorded Brats in Battalions in the late summer. The record came out in August 1987 due to the band deciding to produce and release the album themselves with little cash or backing. The Adolescents broke up in April 1989. The band regrouped to tour for the 20th anniversary of their self-titled album in 2001 and have continued to perform. The Adolescents have a new release out on Finger Records, O.C. Confidential in 2005. Finger Records is owned and run by Mel Schantz out of Orange County, California.

Adolescents Metal Albums

Live 1981 & 1986 Thumbnail Image

This King Biscuit Flower Hour CD features the tracks ’Allied Forces’, ’Lay It On The Line’, ’Fight The Good Fight’ & more. Recorded on October 12, [...]

Live at the House of Blues Thumbnail Image

Full title – Burning Down The Opera House – Live. Double live album in luxury digibook format recorded in 2001 and 2002. Includes 16 tracks with [...]

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