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One Hell of an Amen

BG Nation!!!! What's up y'all, Brantley here... Hope this finds ya'll well... For those of you who don't know, we've had alot goin on here lately... we've got the ACM's comin up, and im not ashamed to remind yall to vote... I speak for myself, my band, and y'all... The BG NATION..., when I say we want to bring this one home!!! LET'S VOTE OUR ASSES OFF... We're also looking forward to the Tim Mcgraw tour this summer... AND.... we've been in the studio workin' on the new record, and so far I couldn't be happier with the way it's comin'...I know a lot of y'all are just as excited as I am about having some new songs out there... Soooo... with that being said... we just got back from our first USO tour... And it was definitely a life-changing experience to say the least... it motivated and inspired me to do somethin' a little bit... Umm... Lets say NOT "industry standard..." Surprise... Surprise... I wrote a song with Mr. Mike Dekle, and my boy Brian Davis called "One Hell of an Amen..." And most of y'all know me well enough to know I don't sing anything I dont write, and i don't write about anything I don't feel like Ive experienced, or been through with somebody close to me... With that being said, this song references the loss of a US military soldier who was as close to kin to one of my closest friends from my home town... who witnessed his loss first hand while serving in active duty in Iraq... My friend shared the story with me to an extent where I felt like I was right there with him... And inspired me to write more than one song, including this one, about him... The other reference in this song is about the loss of a very dear, long time, and hometown friend of mine... Who we lost to a battle with cancer... In his battle with his disease, he showed more courage and faith than words can say, and it was that courage and faith that inspired me to write the second verse of this song about him... this song is very dear to my heart... that being said, with the inspiration from our USO tour, and for all the support y'all have given me, and being apart of this amazing movement we're in together, I wanted y'all to hear this first... So I'm "leaking" this to y'all... The BG Nation... Without charge, and without permission... as a way of saying thank you, and to give y'all a little preview of the new record... This is just a demo... ( not the final album cut)... So it's a little rough, but feel free to hit the "share" button and send this around...I hope y'all find this song as inspirational as I do... So here ya go... This is "One Hell of an Amen." --- BG


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