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Anacrusis - Frigid Bitch

Anacrusis was a progressive / thrash metal band from St. Louis, MO. Anacrusis was one of the first bands that attempted to blend thrash and progressive metal. Anacrusis' first demo, Annihilation Complete was voted Best Demo of 1987 by the readers of Metal Forces magazine and was later included in the publication's Demolition... Scream Your Brains Out! Compilation album. This led to a deal with England-based indie Active Records, for whom the group created their first album, Suffering Hour, the following year on a meager 1,200-dollar budget in just under a week. The following Reason album began revealing signs of the band's popular sound. Anacrusis toured in support of the band D.R.I., but without an album released on an American label, the drummer Mike Owen quit to join the Navy shortly after they returned home. Former Heaven's Flame member Chad Smith took over the drums, while the band eventually got signed to the American label Metal Blade Records. In 1991, Manic Impressions was their first album proper studio recording, recorded at Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, WI. A 38-city U.S. tour supporting Overkill and Galactic Cowboys followed a handful of Midwestern dates opening for Megadeth earlier in the year. After the tour, on returning to St. Louis, they devoted the next few months to writing new material, and after replacing Smith with drummer Paul Miles, work finally began on their 1993 album Screams and Whispers. This would remain their final album, as the band broke up after its release. In 2009, the band announced that the original line-up of Kenn Nardi, Kevin Heidbreder, John Emery and Mike Owen would reunite for a performance at the 2010 KEEP IT TRUE XIII Festival in Germany. Also in 2009 the band released a CD/DVD anthology of early material on Stormspell Records. The package included their 1987 "Annihilation Complete" demo along with other demos, rehearsal recordings and early live footage. Current line up: Kenn Nardi - Guitar, Vocals (1987-1993) (Cruel April, Tribe With Knives, Heaven's Flame) Kevin Heidbreder - Guitar (1987-1993) John Emery - Bass (1987-1993) Paul Miles - Drums (Megalith (USA)) (1992-1993) This is a track from 1988s Suffering hour The Anacrusis website has a previously unreleased bonus track available for Download: N.I.B. (4:30) 1. Present Tense 06:23 2. Imprisoned 06:11 3. R.O.T. (Reign Of Terror) 04:52 4. Butcher's Block 06:07 5. A World To Gain 04:04 6. Frigid Bitch 04:03 7. Fighting Evil 03:27 8. The Twisted Cross 07:21 9. Annihilation Complete / Disemboweled 04:42 Lying there on satin sheets Her body cold her heart still beats A frozen love is your defeat Sitting on her icy throne What she sees she makes her own Her passion dead as still as stone Your balls are in her frozen grip you know you're on a sinking ship Its passage is a one way trip Trying hard you can't get through You've done all that you can do Hoping that she wants it too Crawling to her on your knees All you want to do is please Fuck up once your mind she'll freeze Back to her you'll come again She'll decide just where and when This pain and torture will it end You scream and cry Your dying plea You try so hard You can't break free It's love you want It makes you itch You know she is A frigid fucking bitch She'll make you cry she'll make you bleed Infect you with her demon seed On your soul she does feed Temptress harlot fucking whore Knocks you down you're back for more Leaves you lying on the floor Leave her side you'd sooner die You've tempted fate you scream and cry Shattered dreams all empty lies You're in her hold you'll do her will By crushing you she gets her thrill With twisted words she does kill In the dark she's always there Through your flesh she does tear Smash your hopes she doesn't care Pain she'll bring to your soul She's got you now she has control Your demise her wretched goal (repeat 1st verse)


Anacrusis - Suffering Hour (1988) [FULL ALBUM]

BAND- Anacrusis -COUNTRY OF ORIGIN- United States of America -GENRE- Thrash Metal/Progressive Thrash Metal -ALBUM- Suffering Hour -YEAR OF RELEASE- 1988 -TR...

ANACRUSIS - I Love the World (Video)

Promotional Video for the song "I Love the World" from Anacrusis' 1991 album Manic Impressions. The audio was taken from the re-mixed version of the album av...

ANACRUSIS-Sound the Alarm (2010 Reunion Concert)

This clip is from the 2010 ANACRUSIS Reunion Concert in St. Louis.

Anacrusis - Present Tense

Taken from their 1988 album "Suffering Hour". Enjoy!!

Massimo Varini - OUR LIVES - from ANACRUSIS CD

questa canzone รจ tratta dall'album ANACRUSIS (disponibile su iTunes e altri digital stores), ho suonato il brano con una EKO MIA modello 018 Qui su youtube c...

Anacrusis - Imprisoned

Anacrusis - Imprisoned - From the album Suffering Hour

ANACRUSIS - Made (pre-production demo)

2012 pre-production demo from the up-coming ANACRUSIS album.

Anacrusis - Fighting Evil

Anacrusis - Fighting Evil - From the album Suffering Hour

ANACRUSIS-Imprisoned (2010 Reunion Video)

The audio comes from the 2010 album "HINDSIGHT: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited". The footage is taken from the St. Louis reunion concert, sound check and ...