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Anvil Discography

Anvil Albums

Metal On Metal Thumbnail Image

Sophomore album, originally released in 1982, for Canadian speed metal pioneers. Ten tracks. Unidisc.

This Is Thirteen Thumbnail Image

Official 2009 release of the 13th album from the Canadian Heavy Metal band featuring one bonus track: ’Thumb Hang’. The recording of this album is documented [...]

Forged in Fire Thumbnail Image

CD reissue of the third album from the Canadian Speed Metal band, originally released in 1983. The band has maintained a respectable underground following for nearly [...]

Hard 'N' Heavy Thumbnail Image

1982 debut album for Canadian speed metal pioneers. Ten tracks.

Halloween Party Thumbnail Image

The joke’s starting to look a little worn around the edges. It’s facile to observe that the people who toss the phrase ”family values” around don’t [...]