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Making an Anvil

I've always wanted to make an anvil, so I figured I'd go ahead and do it. I'm using mild steel for the body, and a tool steel face. I will post more videos a...

Anvil Performs at the 25th Spirit Awards

Anvil performs at the 25th Spirit Awards. Introduction by Dave Grohl.

Anvil - Metal on Metal

Song: Metal on Metal Album: Metal on Metal Band: Anvil.

Lars Ulrich Interview from "Anvil!: The Story of Anvil" (bonus scene)

Can't believe no one has ever posted this...full 30 minute unedited interview with Lars Ulrich, in which he gives a rambling and sometimes disjointed testame...

how to use an anvil

how to use an anvil.

Steve LIPS Kudlow from ANVIL Interview : NAMM 2013 @ Bugera

Such a nice guy ... LIPS from ANVIL ! A must see interview. LIPS is so filled with passion, it was truly a pleasure to have an opportunity to talk with such ...

Blacksmith Anvil Restoration Part 1 of 2

I purchased this 306 pound Peter Wright avil from an old farmer in North Carolina. This anvil is probably around 200 years old or more. It had a damaged horn...

Building an Anvil Part 1

Just something I've always wanted to try, and finding out how difficult it can be has been a real eye opener and has led me to appreciate those in the past t...

ANVIL "School Love"

anvil"school love"from canada 「スクールラヴ バイ アンヴィル」といゆコールがネタになってますが、日本人にとってはカッコよいコールなんですよ。たぶん。 このバンドがこんなに有名になるとは、思わなかったなあ~。 映画のLoudParkの場面に実際いましたけど、あんなにかっこよいもんじゃ...