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April Wine

April Wine


April Wine - Roller

Great song from the album "First Glance" from 1978 by April Wine.

April Wine - Canadian Music Hall of Fame Induction & Tribute @ the 2010 Juno Awards

Myles Goodwyn and Brian Greenway (on behalf of all members of April Wine past and present) accept the band's long awaited induction into the Canadian Music H...

April Wine - You Could Have Been A Lady

Awesome song from the album "On Record" from 1972 by April Wine.

April Wine - You Won't Dance With Me

April Wine - You Won't Dance With Me.

April Wine - Ladies Man

April Wine - I Like To Rock

Arguably April Wine's best song, I Like To Rock ... Hey Miles you guys rock! I dunno how you've let me keep this so long but it has so many views (and likes ...

Oowatanite by April Wine (Lyrics)

Lyrics Video Song: Oowatanite Band: April Wine Album: Stand Back.

Like a Lover, Like a Song - April Wine (lyrics)

This is my very first video and one of my favourite songs from the great Canadian band, April Wine! :) Enjoy! Album: The Whole World's Goin' Crazy.

April Wine-Just Between You And Me/Guitar Solos(CVT Lesson for Tony Farkas)

I do not own the contents in this song, it belongs to its rightful owners and is my interpretation of how to play it.No copyright infringement intended.It i...