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Arcturus - Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer + Lyrics

Lyrics: Mechanical shutdown due to reactorcore meltdown And outdated parts collapsed and discharged Autopilot on emergency power from Random fuel devoured Red alert sirens sighing Rusty pipelines dying Empty hull shatter into cold dark matter Unknownspacepioneer the end draws near What once was acrobatically flying Is now burnt out and dying Now that I am shipwrecked A piece of shit falling Through space and time Moaning oh why oh why did not I Just stop in time Knowing the answer I am dirty as a cancer Once a virus like me is set free Old grim flashes his grin And violently introduces A shortcut for loosers Drop all illusions as I pop the next fuse in confusion Transvesting the mind evolving past mankind Unknownspaceadorer toxicwasteexplorer Lost in free will time stand still Full front on Drifting here in the outer rim As a piece of spacejunk No valuables within A scraphead of sin Too much acid in these batteries Leaking out its filthy grease Disband all current settings to standard default Fall and arise you diamond of lies You know what is wise Fire or ice That's when I find Hyperspace-central-divine A pitstopmaintenance hall for the mind Satanic protectors of my kind I shop some new parts Re plugged and charged I head towards the stars Knowing that this trip Will be my last slip Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer Was Track #2 Of Arcturus's Album Sideshow Symphonies Which Was Released On September 19th 2005 Credits/Members: Simen "ICS Vortex" Hestnæs - vocals Steinar Sverd Johnsen - keyboards Hellhammer - drums Knut M. Valle - guitars Tore Moren - guitars Hugh Steven James Mingay aka "Skoll" - bass Silje Wergeland - Guest vocals on "Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneers" and "Evacuation Code Deciphered" Sideshow Symphonies(2005) Track list: 1."Hibernation Sickness Complete" 5:02 2."Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer" 8:32 3."Deamon Painter" 5:33 4."Nocturnal Vision Revisited" 5:16 5."Evacuation Code Deciphered" 6:16 6."Moonshine Delirium" 7:10 7."White Noise Monster" 3:55 8."Reflections" 3:40 9."Hufsa" (The Groke) 5:07 Season Of Mist Records Arcturus Discography: Full-Lengths Aspera Hiems Symfonia - Ancient Lore/Misanthropy/Century Black (1996) La Masquerade Infernale - Misanthropy/Music For Nations (1997) The Sham Mirrors - Ad Astra Enterprises/The End Records (2002) Sideshow Symphonies - Season of Mist (2005) [edit]EPs My Angel - Putrefaction Records (1991) Constellation MCD/MLP - Nocturnal Art (1994) Constellation LP - Nocturnal Art (1997) [edit]Compilations Disguised Masters - Jester Records (1999) Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel re-release - Candlelight Records (2002) [edit]Demos Promo 90 (Demo) - Self-Released (1990) [edit]Misc. Reconstellation - Bootleg recording (1999) Shipwrecked In Oslo DVD - Season of Mist (2006) [edit]


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Arcturus - Aspera Hiems Symfonia [Full Album]

Arcturus - La Masquerade Infernale (full album)

Year: 1997 Label: Music For Nations Origin: Norway Tracklist: 1. Master of Disguise 06:42 2. Ad Astra 07:40 3. The Chaos Path 05:33 4. La Masquerade Infernal...

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From the Shipwrecked in Oslo DVD.

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Arcturus - Star Crossed

Isteni dallam.

Arcturian Message !!!

Ra explaines why starseeds are here and why we are not in any history book lost knowledge . Enjoy . Ra

Arcturus - Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer

From the SHipwrecked in Oslo DVD.

Arcturus 예능영상 브라질농노편

레이튼 진짴ㅋ.