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Frantik: Video Q&A - Christian Olde Wolbers of Arkaea Pt.1 got a chance to sit down and have a lovely chat with Arkaea/Fear Factory guitarist, Christian Olde Wolbers, about the new Arkaea album, Fear Factory and his signature Randall Amp Head.


Arkaea "Gone Tomorrow" / Years In The Darkness OUT NOW

Arkaea "Gone Tomorrow" Years In The Darkness OUT NOW.

Christian Olde Wolbers of Arkaea, performs 'Locust' on EMGtv

Christian Olde Wolbers performs heavy riffs on his 7 string guitar loaded with EMG 81-7 X humbucker pickup. Buy this EMG pickup here: http://www.emgpickups.c...

Arkaea - Lucid Dreams

Lyrics: I can't explain why my whole world is feeling so far away. My reflection, it seems so fake, when will the night seperate this day? I can't ignore the...

Arkaea - My Redemption

Album: Years In The Darkness Year: 2009.

arkaea beneath the shades of grey_x264.mp4

beneath the shades of grey.

Arkaea - Beneath The Shades Of Grey

October 15, 2009 Arkaea live at The Key Club, Hollywood.


This Is your life Worthless Denial across your face, control feeble minds then destroy our race. Helpless die for you in vain, devour all our pride lead us t...

Arkaea -Years in the Darkness

Arkaea in the Studio 2

Arkaea Drum sessions.