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Arkaea in the Studio 1

Arkaea recording at temple studio's.


This Is your life Worthless Denial across your face, control feeble minds then destroy our race. Helpless die for you in vain, devour all our pride lead us t...

arkaea - Black ocean

NEW YOUTUBE ACCOUNT - Also, for more poops check out Thanks guys! Their debut alb...

Arkaea "Locust" album available July 14th

Arkaea "Locust" album available July 14th.

Arkaea - Beneath The Shades Of Grey cover

Just got me new Schecter, had to play some metal :)

Arkaea in the Studio 2

Arkaea Drum sessions.

Frantik: Video Q&A - Christian Olde Wolbers of Arkaea Pt.1 got a chance to sit down and have a lovely chat with Arkaea/Fear Factory guitarist, Christian Olde Wolbers, about the new Arkaea album, Fear F...

Arkaea - Beneath the Shades of Grey (Cover)

Me covering this song with an Ibanez Artist Series 7 string.

Kolegator - War Within (Arkaea Cover)

A challenge for my right hand picking I culdn't ressist.