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As Blood Runs Black

As Blood Runs Black


As Blood Runs Black is an American deathcore band from Los Angeles, California formed in 2004. They are currently signed to Mediaskare Records and their debut album 'Allegiance' achieved considerable success making the band a well-known act. Their influences range from melodic death metal to metalcore. During 2007's The Summer Slaughter Tour, drummer Leche was kicked out the band due to personal differences with the other members. He has been replaced with Ryan Thomas, formerly of the band The Serpent Son. This event led to some serious online bashing from fans, as Leche was their only remaining "original" member (claiming he recruited the other members of the 'Allegiance' lineup with an almost complete album material), and as 'Allegiance', along the guitar work, was most noted by Leche's unique and extremely technical drumming. They are currently writing material for their second album, which is expected to be recorded and released sometime in the spring or summer of 2008. In a recent video blog, Ernie was filmed with ex drummer Leche, stating that he was now back in the band, as well as the fact that they had temporary fill in members on vocals and guitar, who may or may not become permanent members of the band. They are heading out with Bleeding Through on the 'Declaration World Tour', to Australia and America, On their return, they will start to record the new album ABRB online:

As Blood Runs Black Metal Albums

Allegiance Thumbnail Image

2009 album from the reunited cosmic Doom Metal band. One of the heaviest and most respected bands in Metal, Yob are renowned for their unique brand [...]

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