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As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying: Nothing Left (NEW VIDEO EXLUSIVE!!)

From their 4th album release An Ocean Between Us. "We shot the video with director Brian Thompson. He was the perfect match for the concept that we came up with and he did an amazing job. It takes place in a broken down future world where the journey of the main character mimics many themes in the song's lyrics. I originally wrote the lyrics describing the certain decay of the world around us. While more and more people pursue meaningless relationships and desire for material things, I've realized that we have "nothing left" in common. We are seperated by our intentions and the visual concept through the video makes an obvious point that we cannot hide these differences." "As I Lay Dying-Nothing Left" new music video. Comment about what you think about it. add it to your favorites It's an amazing video!!


AS I LAY DYING - 'Through Struggle'

taken from the album 'Shadows Are Security' Metal Blade Records 2005.

As I Lay Dying "A Greater Foundation" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Buy Here: As I Lay Dying's video "A Greater Foundation" from the album "Awakened".

As I Lay Dying - No Lungs To Breathe (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Buy AWAKENED on iTunes: On Tour Now // Worldwide Tour Dates: Video by Nick Hipa.

As I Lay Dying "Electric Eye" (OFFICIAL)

Buy Here: As I Lay Dying's cover of Judas Priest's "Hellion" & "Electric Eye" from the album ...

As I Lay Dying - Official Trailer

Based on the acclaimed American novel by William Faulkner, AS I LAY DYING follows a family through their turmoil-filled journey to bring their mother to her ...

As I Lay Dying "Parallels" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The official video for "Parallels" from the album "The Powerless Rise". Directed by Dave Brodsky -

As I Lay Dying "Parallels"

Buy: iTunes: As I Lay Dying "Parallels" from the album "The ...

As I Lay Dying - 94 hours

As I Lay dying the best band.

As I Lay Dying Official Trailer #1 (2013) - James Franco Movie HD

As I Lay Dying Official Trailer directed and starring James Franco Synopsis: Based on the 1930 classic by Faulkner, it is the story of the death of Addie Bun...