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15 things to NEVER say to an atheist

15 things you should NEVER say to an atheist. Hemant Mehta ( JUST UPLOADED PART 2 !

Atheist Comedy Vol. 1 (Oswalt, Buress, Maher, Stanhope, Rogan)

1. Patton Oswalt - Sky Cake 2. Hannibal Buress - Don't Pray For Me 3. Bill Maher - Religion Doesn't Hurt Anything? 4. Doug Stanhope - Fuck the Jews 5. Joe Ro...

The Amazing Atheist Answers 22 Creationists

22 Creationists write out their questions/comments/whatever to the "other side" of the debate. This is my response to the things they wrote. You can check ou...

Debate: Atheist vs Jew (Christopher Hitchens vs Rabbi David Wolpe)

1:22 David Wolpe (Jewish) 3:25 Christopher Hitchens (Atheist) 6:17 David Wolpe 7:31 Christopher Hitchens 10:23 David Wolpe 12:55 Christopher Hitchens 15:48 D...

School Blocks Atheist Student Club

Did you guys hear about the school that tried their student from having an Atheist club and then got their asses kicked? A special guest video from CultOfDus...

A Great Response to Pascal's Wager - Atheist Experience

This is a great answer to the question "What if you're wrong?" Click here to go to the Atheist Experience channel -

Atheist vs Christian

I take on his claims that atheists are wrong about faith. He thinks science requires faith... lol. His video:

Interview an Atheist in Church Day (Jackson, MS)

In conjunction with National Interview an Atheist in Church Day (May 5, 2013), the pastor of the Meadowbrook Church of Christ in Jackson, MS interviewed Neil...

Debate: Atheist vs Christian (Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell)

01:07 Question 1 - 01:45 Richard Dawkins - 03:34 George Pell 05:22 Question 2 - 5:50 Richard Dawkins 07:10 Question 4 - 7:25 Richard Dawkins - 8:10 George Pe...