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Atrophy - Preacher Preacher

Artist: Atrophy Song: Preacher Preacher Album: Socialized Hate Year: 1988 [Music: James Gulotta, Chris Lykins] [Lyrics: Brian Zimmerman, Chris Lykins] Preacher tell me no lies Send me more money Or else I will die You go to church every day Trying to find god So you give them your pay I'll tell you evil Yet I do no wrong Chapter fifteen Let's sing another song Have my own show Even make videos Just more money To stick up my nose [Chorus:] He's not afraid to lie Greed is the reason why My wife's recovering from coke I buy it for my family But I'll never go broke People come for help they say You take their money And you send them away I have a few billion Not much to me I need a lot more Thanks to my greed Have fourteen houses And fifteen cars Lay back in my mansion And watch people starve [Repeat Chorus] [1st solo: Chris] [2nd solo: Rick] [Repeat chorus]


Atrophy - Violent By Nature (1990) [FULL ALBUM]

BAND- Atrophy -COUNTRY OF ORIGIN- United States of America -GENRE- Thrash Metal -ALBUM- Violent By Nature -YEAR OF RELEASE- 1990 -TRACKLIST- 1. Puppies and ...

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-Atrophy

red jumpsuit apparatus's song atrophy and a few pictures of them.

ATROPHY - Puppies And Friends

Violent By Nature (1990) "Locked away, I'm hidden from your sight Forced to live in artificial light Made to suffer because of what I'm not A casualty in a w...

Atrophy - Violent by Nature

Album: Violent by Nature, 2007.

Atrophy-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Lyrics

sorry 4 the long wait on a new video! im makin many more to make up 4 the delay!!

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Atrophy Lyrics

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Atrophy Lyrics.

Atrophy - Live Florida 1989 FULL CONCERT

Atrophy - St. Petersburg, Florida (2.19.1989)

ATROPHY - Beer Bong

Socialized Hate (1988) "Beer bong - suck it down Beer bong - don't do it wrong Beer bong - don't take too long or else you'll drown Beer bong - gulp it down ...

Atrophy - Socialized Hate

Atrophy - Socialized Hate Socialized Hate (1988)