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Austrian Death Machine

Austrian Death Machine

Crowd-Funding Misunderstood

Hey everyone, I just want to clear some things up. Crowd-funding is often misunderstood. After announcing that my new band, Pyrithion, signed to Metal Blade, I received a lot of questions about why I'm accepting contributions for Austrian Death Machine Triple Brutal when I was able to get label support for the Pyrithion EP. Crowd-funding is often misunderstood. A brand new band should build a following. The best way to do that is to release music. You can't ask for money when no one know what they're buying. I want to build Pyrithion the traditional way by generating interest in the music I've released. Austrian Death Machine fans on the other hand know what ADM sounds like; they know what they're getting into. There are many diehard fans from two existing full lengths. It is my opinion that these fans have earned the right to connect with the band in unique ways that a normal release would not include. My goal with the indiegogo campaign is to offer them fun things. No one has to buy anything. In fact, the only different between a fully funded project and a partially funded one is just what the fans will receive in addition to the music. I tried to make that clear but I realize now I didn't. I started recording the album already and even have a studio update video. The album will happen regardless. Crowd-funding is often misunderstood, but partly because it is abused. Some bands say they will not record unless they reach their goal. That makes it seem like fans have failed when in reality the band failed. What I am offering are rewards, not punishments, even if I don't reach my goal. It is simply my hope that a large number of people will get workout books and funny side perks. If someone doesn't like the campaign approach, that fan has the option of just buying the album after it's released the old fashioned way without any fun add ons. I've enjoyed personally connecting with fans so far through emails and workouts with some of the contributors. I've also received a lot of harsh comments from people who simply don't properly understand this whole process partly because it's new and maybe I didn't take the time to fully explain my arrangement with indiegogo. I hope this answers questions and clears things up. Have fun, stay brutal, support what you like and don't be a whiny girly man. Thanks again for all the support so far!


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