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spiritual front autopsy of a love

Satyriasis. somewhere between equilibrium and nihilims I expiated hell of few minutes of passion there's a stone above my head That suffocates my impulse and a weapon on neck that arms my madness Make a destruction of me, make annihilation of me There's a sense of end in our tired eyes and the smell of alcohol in your mouth I will not kill myself because i've no pictures in which I smile And consider me as your worst lover and consider me as your sinner the only thing that i want to to see is my defeated and my sperm in your hands And consider me as your worst lover and consider me as your sinner the only thing that i want to feel is the warmth of yoursex in my mouth i know i'll never see again your consumed face i will never have your chest against mine i don't want to know if there will be another man i could be better to be dead while your car leave me at the end of this dirty road don't look for my lifeless body in this universe cause will no word will justify our end let me die while your breath migrate so far and consider me...


Musical Autopsy: Black Keys - Turn Blue

Doc Buckley makes his way to the musical morgue to dissect the latest single from the Black Keys. The Black Keys pride themselves on not sounding like every ...

Autopsy: Life and Death - Episode 2 - Tumours

Anatomist Dr Gunther von Hagens and pathologist Professor John Lee get right under the skin to reveal the processes in life that tie us to our ultimate fate ...

Autopsy Documentary - Crime Scene Autopsy - Autopsy Examination Part II

Produced by the Department of Defense in 1980, this DVD is quite fascinating. It explores the autopsy process as it relates to a criminal act. In this presen...

12 Channel Mixer: Equipment Autopsy #69 - Thanks to the donation of IRC member dianichi, we're opening up an old mixer! Meant to be a cheap throw-around piece for shows whe...

Autopsy-The Headless Ritual [Full Album ]

Autopsy-The Headless Ritual Tracklist 1. Slaugher At Beast House 2. Mangled Far Below 3. She Is A Funeral 4. Coffin Crawlers 5. When Hammer Meets Bone 6. Tho...

Whitney Houston's Autopsy Last Hours Full Documentary (2014)

Whitney Houston's Autopsy Last Hours Full Documentary (2014) This episode features Whitney Houston, a singer and actress with a once in a generation voice th...

Dead Man Talking - Autopsy # 1 - Michael Baden Chief Medical Examiner

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YouTube - Autopsy- Emergency Room - Lesson 2 - Massive Blood Loss [2_5].flv

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Autopsy A Mothers Instinct - New York state Medical Examiner

new york state medical examiner.