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Ayreon Biography


Ayreon is the flagship musical project of Arjen Anthony Lucassen, a Dutch multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist. Ayreon releases are usually rock-operas with an ongoing science fiction storyline, although there have been exceptions in the form of Actual Fantasy (not a rock opera) and The Human Equation (not science fiction, but still containing ties to the main storyline). A common misconception is that the name "Ayreon" is derived from Arjen's own name, but this is purely coincidental: originally the minstrel from the first album The Final Experiment was called Aries, but when this didn't fit the meters for the songs (Arjen himself mispronounced it A-ri-es (Note: This is how the Dutch do pronounce it), it was changed to Ayreon to sound both old-fashioned (Ay) and futuristic (Eon).

Ayreon Metal Albums

01011001 Thumbnail Image

Arjen Lucassen has again assembled an all star supporting cast for what will become the true magnum opus by Ayreon, the rock opera 01011001 . It [...]

Timeline (3CD/DVD) Thumbnail Image

Timeline is the first retrospective release from Arjen A. Lucassen, the chart storming Dutch musical mastermind. Packaged in a high-quality box, this release contains three CD [...]

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