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Bathory - Broken Sword

A veil of mist : a foreign coast the calm before their battle cry steel drawn : the line of shields must hold through mist : the first arrow : it flies Battle : hold firm the line in battle Shoulder by shoulder : brothers at side we may stand victorious or fall this fine day : a fine day to die we shall fight and may die by the sword Cutting through flesh and bone : your sword my brother : our father taught you well but from behind the unseen blow mortally wounded : down you fell Battle : hold firm the line in battle Shoulder by shoulder : brothers at side silent by my side you did fall this was a fine day a fine day to die brother : I'll keep your broken sword


Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods (Full Album)

The Lies about Elizabeth Bathory Revealed

Scarred as a Psychotic Bloody serial killer and Countess Dracula instead of the Richest most Powerful Woman in a history ruled by men - The Lies about Elizab...


elizabeth bathory "the blood countess" - serial killer documentary. thanks for watching. history life discovery science technology tech learning education na...

Bathory - Nordland I (Full Album)

Bathory - Nordland I & II Full Albums

Both Nordland albums in one video! Enjoy this masterpiece! All music and lyrics written by Quorthon.

Bathory - Raise The Dead

Great song by Bathory! [Recorded June 1984. Released on album "Bathory", October 1984] Lyrics: "Dust to dust"... I gasp for air I scream for sight and fight ...

Bathory - Blood On Ice Full Album)

Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods (With Lyrics)

Twilight Of The Gods (song) by Bathory. Lyrics: There is a serpent in every Eden Slick as grease and cold as ice There is a lie in every meaning Rest assured...

Bathory - A Fine Day to Die

A Fine Day to Die.