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Bathory - Satan My Master

NOW IN HD Original and better version! "Bathory" 1984 Demo Taken from album "The True Black Essence History" also In [Compilation] "JUBILEUM VOLUME III" Great Bathory page: Info: Lyrics: Satan My Master I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood Satan My Master Up side down I turn the cross of God Satan My Master Recieve this sacrifice this blood of mine Satan My Master I cut into my rotten flesh your signs Satan My Master Remember me when judgement day is near Satan My Master Take my hand when Armageddon is here


The Lies about Elizabeth Bathory Revealed

Scarred as a Psychotic Bloody serial killer and Countess Dracula instead of the Richest most Powerful Woman in a history ruled by men - The Lies about Elizab...


elizabeth bathory "the blood countess" - serial killer documentary. thanks for watching. history life discovery science technology tech learning education na...

Bathory - Nordland I (Full Album)

Bathory - Nordland I & II Full Albums

Both Nordland albums in one video! Enjoy this masterpiece! All music and lyrics written by Quorthon.

Bathory - Raise The Dead

Great song by Bathory! [Recorded June 1984. Released on album "Bathory", October 1984] Lyrics: "Dust to dust"... I gasp for air I scream for sight and fight ...

Bathory - Blood On Ice Full Album)

Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods (With Lyrics)

Twilight Of The Gods (song) by Bathory. Lyrics: There is a serpent in every Eden Slick as grease and cold as ice There is a lie in every meaning Rest assured...

Bathory - A Fine Day to Die

A Fine Day to Die.

Bathory - The Return (Full Album)