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Bathory - Satan My Master

NOW IN HD Original and better version! "Bathory" 1984 Demo Taken from album "The True Black Essence History" also In [Compilation] "JUBILEUM VOLUME III" Great Bathory page: Info: Lyrics: Satan My Master I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood Satan My Master Up side down I turn the cross of God Satan My Master Recieve this sacrifice this blood of mine Satan My Master I cut into my rotten flesh your signs Satan My Master Remember me when judgement day is near Satan My Master Take my hand when Armageddon is here


Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods (Full Album)

Bathory - Nordland I & II Full Albums

Both Nordland albums in one video! Enjoy this masterpiece! All music and lyrics written by Quorthon.

Bathory - Nordland I (Full Album)

Bathory - Raise The Dead

Great song by Bathory! [Recorded June 1984. Released on album "Bathory", October 1984] Lyrics: "Dust to dust"... I gasp for air I scream for sight and fight ...

Bathory - A Fine Day to Die

A Fine Day to Die.

Bathory - The Return (Full Album)

Bathory, 2008 (trailer) - long version

Jakubisko Film s.r.o.

Bathory - Foreverdark Woods

Great song. Hail Bathory, R.I.P Quorthon :( Some of the photos are mine.

Bathory:Twilight Of The Gods (FULL)

1990 bathory 0:00 Twilight of the gods 14:06 Trough The Blood By Thunder 20:16 Blood And Iron 30:42 Under The Runes 36:42 To Enter Your Mountain 44:21 Bond O...