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Bathory - Enter The Eternal Fire

Great song by Bathory! [Recorded September 1986. Released on album "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark", May 1987] Lyrics: Leave the world of mortals to walk into the mist to stalk unto the other side Plains of otherness The utter emptiness Where time have ceased and dark and light collide Crossing the river of death and water cold Slowly walking up the bridge The jewelled bridge I walk for what seems a lifetime In the night it's jewels glow There on the other side On shore of no return The one for me awaits Cannot avoid the eyes In which the fire burns Comed this far it is too late And He calls my name First a whispering then louder And he wants me to follow And to Enter the Eternal Fire...... I walk this endless night His eyes the only light Repeatedly he whispers my name Fingers move and twist Through crimson thick dark mist and voices cry of agony and pain Close now to his kingdom The bleak world dark and still I follow the voice whispering my name Approach the gate of sin Opened up to let me in and there, He stand in flames The price now I must pay for eternity my soul his claim For years of pleasures, victory and gold The one who stand in flames Now rise and walk my way and reach out for my soul And He calls my name First a whispering then louder And he wants me to follow And to fall down. The Eternal Fire...... I stand at the jaws of the pit The heat scorch my flesh The fall seem never to end My hair burn My eyes can't see The flames slowly eat my soul The pain tears my mind Hear my cries oh Lord Have mercy oh Lord This can't be Raging flames all over me Inferno of heat Oh no, oh no, oh noooooo, noooooo, noooooo..


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Both Nordland albums in one video! Enjoy this masterpiece! All music and lyrics written by Quorthon.

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Great song by Bathory! [Recorded June 1984. Released on album "Bathory", October 1984] Lyrics: "Dust to dust"... I gasp for air I scream for sight and fight ...

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A Fine Day to Die.

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Jakubisko Film s.r.o.

Bathory - Foreverdark Woods

Great song. Hail Bathory, R.I.P Quorthon :( Some of the photos are mine.

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