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In Nomine Satanas by Bathory

Ink the pen with blood Now sign your destiny to me Now in my hands your fate is given My claim thee to join me In death when the life you're living Near the end is coming and to Enter my realms come and grab my hand Sign my claim with the blood of your veins And my obligation will for as long Thee live be to forfill thy obsecrations A life full of success and riches Now your wish is my command but As soon as life is coming to its end See me wave you on to grab my hand I ink the pen with blood Now I sign my destiny to thee Now in my hands my fate On to thee my soul is given My soul will join thee In death when the life I am living Near the end is coming and to Enter your realms to reach for thy hand Signed is your claim with blood of mine And thy obligation The life of mine glows be to forfill my obsecration A life full of success and riches Now my wish is your command And as soon as life is coming to its end See me reach out to grab thy hand Into my realms... Now I see the light The light Now in my kingdom comed the claim Of bond of blood commend thee Master I thee call heed here I am now take my soul Now the dawn of the age of flames begins Enter the jaws of my hellhole Sacred flames embrace me And consume my lustful soul Take the step into infinity And recieve eternal bliss Now I burn a child of sin Among souls burning in this hole Slaves all to the bond of blood



elizabeth bathory "the blood countess" - serial killer documentary. thanks for watching. history life discovery science technology tech learning education na...

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Both Nordland albums in one video! Enjoy this masterpiece! All music and lyrics written by Quorthon.

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Great song by Bathory! [Recorded June 1984. Released on album "Bathory", October 1984] Lyrics: "Dust to dust"... I gasp for air I scream for sight and fight ...

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A Fine Day to Die.

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Great song. Hail Bathory, R.I.P Quorthon :( Some of the photos are mine.

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Jakubisko Film s.r.o.

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